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Top 5 must-see movies of 2022

Among the dozens of new movies released in 2022, whether you are interested in something more dramatic or would rather watch something to get a laugh out, there’s still something for you to check out. If you think otherwise, consider watching one of the movies on this list! All of them are worth your time, or at least worth a second look:

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5. “Uncharted”

“Uncharted” describes the adventure that treasure hunter Victor Sullivan and young thief Nathan Drake go on. When the two men’s paths cross, they wound up working together to try to find a lost fortune hundreds of years old. The chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland was very strong to me. It was interesting to see Tom Holland play a character other than Spider-Man, since I haven’t seen him play much else. I believe he did a good job at taking on a different role than normal. I honestly think one of the reasons why this movie was quite captivating was because of the familiar actors that were present. Overall, “Uncharted” can be liked by anyone who appreciates action filled movies with many surprise twists and turns.


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4. “Violent Night”

“Violent Night” was a more comedic movie that came out in December of 2022. It stars David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things,” as Santa Claus. In the movie, a divorced couple take their child to her rich grandmother’s house for the holidays. When the house wounds up being broken into by someone not-so-merry, an unexpected figure comes to save the day. “Violent Night” explores themes of appreciating what is already given to you and trying to consider the perspective of others. Harbour is fantastic at playing characters who are willing to do whatever it takes at any cost. I enjoyed the comedy within this movie, which I didn’t exactly expect. “Violent Night” may seem like a typical Christmas movie at first, but it actually takes an interesting turn on the holiday.


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3. “Avatar: The Way of Water”

The sequel to 2009’s blockbuster “Avatar,” “Avatar: The Way of Water” continues the story of Jake Sully and his wife, Neytiri. The two original characters are back, and this time, with five kids. When their home land is under attack, they must escape to another side of Pandora. This movie introduces several new characters as well as most of their background, which was quite interesting to learn about. Although the movie is roughly three hours long, it still managed to hold my attention. It may be confusing to people who haven’t seen the original “Avatar,” but it gets pretty understandable as the sequel progresses. I still highly suggest watching the original to get a better understanding of the characters and what is happening around them. “Avatar: The Way of Water” has a lot of action that will cause viewers to sit on the tip of their seats. 


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2. “The Batman”

“Twilight” actor Robert Pattinson plays Batman in the newest action-packed franchise installment. “The Batman” takes on a different perspective of the iconic character, who acts in a way that most people wouldn’t expect. In the movie, Batman is asked to figure out who the mysterious killer is of Gotham City. As he gets closer to figuring out the murderer’s intentions, he realizes how much he has to risk to save the metropolis. The adventure that Batman had to go on and the steps he had to take truly held my attention. I liked the several twists in this movie, as some events that occurred were not what I had thought at all. It was interesting to see another side of Batman in this more dramatic movie. If you’re looking to see a fascinating movie that will keep you on your toes, you should consider seeing “The Batman.”


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1. “Top Gun: Maverick”

The Top Gun movie series makes a comeback with its sequel thirty-six years later. In “Top Gun: Maverick,” Tom Cruise stars again as Maverick in this action-inducing flim. This movie puts its full focus on Maverick and the sacrifices he has to make. After thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell feels he is where he should be. To prove himself as better, he must contront his biggest fears by completing a mission that will change his life. The movie contains a ship full of action that keeps the audience wanting more. I also appreciated the design of the planes, as I liked the detail. I especially enjoyed the references to the original “Top Gun,” which is a must-see if you haven’t. Even if you didn’t get a chance to watch the first one, you should definitely watch the sequel regardless. 


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