Ken Browne

One of West Essex’s new Italian teachers, Ken Browne, has always had a love of Italian, but before he started his teaching journey, Browne had a successful 35-year-long career in the film industry.

“I think I am a lifelong learner,” Browne said. “I’m very curious about the world.” 

Browne said he took Spanish in high school, but has always admired Italian culture and art. After graduating high school, he took a 12-week trip to Italy studying art history, which he said opened his eyes to Italy’s beauty. 

After visiting Italy, Browne immediately registered for Italian I and started his journey to learn Italian at Brandeis University. Browne went to Italy again after freshman year and then moved to Rome, Italy for a year after graduating college to study art history. 

“I fell in love with Italy,” Browne said. 

After spending a year in Italy, Browne took a break from studying the language. He worked on an educational TV show for New Haven public television and ended up working as a film editor for 35 years.  

When the pandemic hit, the film industry was heavily impacted, causing it to slow down. This resulted in him finally being able to pursue his dream of being an Italian teacher. 

This year he is teaching Italian I and II. Browne hopes to share his love of Italian culture and language with his students by making his class a fun and safe place. 

Browne is a “new” teacher this year on paper, but actually started his West Essex career in spring 2022 when he filled in for Italian teacher Lucia Bazzarelli, and tries to keep the beloved West Essex icon’s memory alive in his classroom. 

“I feel like I am guided by her spirit in this room because she’s such an important part of the Italian program here at West Essex,” Browne said. 

By teaching his students about Italian culture, he is able to share his love for Italian. His students, colleagues and supervisor can all see his love for Italian shine through in his teaching. 

“Signor Ken is passionate and understands what it takes to learn a second language,” Laura Drago, the supervisor for Social Studies and World Languages, said. “He is dedicated and compassionate about his craft.”

All of Browne’s hard work in learning Italian has led up to him becoming an Italian teacher. It is his first year teaching and though he knows he has a lot to learn, he is ready to take on the challenge.

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