Impending overturn of Roe v. Wade poised to change American life

Illustration by Lillian O’Boyle

On May 3,  leaked Supreme Court draft revealed the majority opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade, the case that has protected Americans’ rights to abortion since 1970. The overturn could also lead to future complications with other privacy-based cases like same-sex marriage and contraceptives. There is a possibility that the verdict may change, but it is unlikely. Since the leak, the Supreme Court has simultaneously received support and backlash from people with various political stances surrounding the decision. Here at West Essex, we polled 100 students to see how they felt about the possible overturn and what it means for the future of healthcare in America. Beth Vaknin’s AP Government and Politics class shares their knowledge and perspectives on further implications of recent changes.

Roe at a glance: The history and future of abortion debates

By Lindsey Leitner, Managing Editor

Learn about the basics of Roe v. Wade, the monumental 1973 Supreme Court case that established the right to abortion for every citizen in the United States.

The history extends beyond the Roe v. Wade case

By AP Gov Student

These justices, also known as originalists, argue that there is no general right to privacy as such a right is not explicitly expressed in the Constitution.

The Power of the Press: Roe overturn leak from a journalistic standpoint

By AP Gov Student

Publications weigh risks and benefits of running a controversial story.

New Jersey provides a safe haven for abortion

By AP Gov Student

As dozens of states across the country prepare trigger laws to outlaw abortion, New Jersey stands in support of reproductive rights.

Roe ruling serves as a basis for future cases

By AP Gov Student

Stare decisis is a legal principle that outlines the action of looking back on past precedent to make a ruling. Although overturning precedent is perfectly legal, it is rare.

Controversial connections between Roe and gun violence

By AP Gov Student

Our country has yet to find a way to control both these situations -- and a way to compromise.

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