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Valentine’s Day: A holiday filled with love (and chocolate)

Thanksgiving is known for pie, Christmas has candy canes, but Valentine's Day is known for delectable chocolates. Whether you have a special someone this year, or plan to watch some rom-coms solo, we suggest you grab yourself a box of chocolates.

February 17, 2021

10 reasons why Cupid should give chocolate instead of flowers

Although this list explains the reasons why chocolate is a better gift for Valentine’s Day, flowers are still a beautiful way to express your love to others at any time. The dazzling colors and natural uniqueness of all breeds of flowers are something hard to beat. They have long known symbols of beauty and happiness, causing them to put a smile on anyone’s face on any occasion. However, chocolate has a special spot in everyone’s heart, especially on this holiday, so here are the top 10 reasons why chocolate is a better gift than flowers for your Valentine. 

  1. You can eat chocolate, and you can not eat flowers: Starting with the most obvious reason, chocolate is sweet, rich, yummy and most importantly, edible. Flower bouquets, although very pretty, are not snacks; they are for display. As beautiful as the flowers may look on the counter, nothing beats a delicious chocolate treat. 
  2. Chocolate is an expression of love and always makes people smile: Giving and receiving the gift of chocolates is always something that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Flowers do the same, but there is no excitement to dive into because flowers are not gifted as a treat. 
  3. Most flowers are expensive, whereas chocolate is an affordable luxury: On average, flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day start at 30 dollars. Usually for this holiday, many stores increase the prices for bouquets because they are a popular gift. Some chocolate desserts can be pricey, but chocolate is sold in thousands of stores and prices can be as low as one dollar. 
  4. Science proves that chocolate has health benefits and triggers a feel-good chemical in the brain: Many studies have proved that chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, when eaten in moderation has several health benefits. The flavanols in cocoa beans have antioxidant effects that help restore the flow of arteries in your heart and reduce risk factors for heart disease. These flavonols are also known to fight against skin damage. Dark chocolate is also known to improve blood flow to the brain and helps improve mental impairment. Flowers, although visually pleasing, are not consumed so do not have direct health benefits like chocolate does. 
  5. Chocolate comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, so there is always something fit for everyone: Thousands of companies have their own variations, flavors of chocolate and chocolate treats. Many different fillings and toppings, as well as special boxing and packaging, are added to chocolate treats to make them a signature piece for that company. Ingredients differ between products making it easy to find something fit to everyone’s dietary needs. These factors give you a variety of choices to choose the perfect gift for your loved one. 
  6. Chocolate is easily deliverable (via mail or hand delivery) whereas flowers are very delicate and have to be handled carefully: Flowers are especially tough when it comes to purchasing and delivering. Flowers need to be in water at all times, so the trip from the florist to a location with another water bath, for example at the recipient’s house, needs to be prompt. Flowers aren’t necessarily sent through regular mail because of this matter, so hand delivery or a flower delivery service is the only option. Chocolate permits a much easier delivery method as it can be shipped through the mail. 
  7. Some people may have sensitivities or allergies to flowers. Even though the same can be said with chocolate, chocolate is easily re-giftable: Flowers, among other plants with pollen, are a popular allergen that can trigger seasonal allergies and bring on adverse immune reactions to many. Flowers can be given to someone else, but they have a short lifespan, so you would need to move quickly. Chocolate treats, although could include some food allergens, have a longer shelf life and can easily be regifted or donated to others who are not allergic to the treat, or purchased specifically free of the allergen. 
  8. Flowers are beautiful, but if chosen wrong, it could lead to disaster: You never know the memories that flowers, or certain types of flowers, bring back to a person especially if you are just getting to know them. Chocolate is a more safe option to prevent a Valentine’s Day catastrophe. 
  9. Flowers have a short life span and require attention and work: After being cut, bought, delivered, placed in a vase with water, put out for display and properly maintained, most flowers only thrive for a week and then start to wilt. At this stage, they aren’t as aesthetically pleasing and the end is nearing. Chocolate desserts last up until the expiration date, or until you eat them, so they have a much longer shelf life than flowers do. 
  10. Throwing out dead flowers is upsetting: Although lots of pretty projects can be made with dried flower petals, the most convenient thing to do is to dispose of the flowers. And that is what most people do. Seeing and disposing of a pretty bouquet is something quite upsetting because no one likes to throw away gifts. 

Flowers and chocolate go hand in hand, especially for Valentine’s Day, so give the gift of both beauty and flavor to someone you love this year!

Love is even sweeter with chocolate!

   Valentine’s Day is a well-known holiday filled with endless amounts of chocolate and love in the air. To many, these iconic chocolate treats are a staple gift for loved ones. From chocolate truffles purchased at your local candy store to classic homemade chocolate desserts, there are endless amounts of possibilities awaiting you. Just in case you need some ideas for the perfect gift for any sweet-tooth, here is a list of 10 chocolate desserts perfect for any Valentine. 

Homemade chocolate desserts:

  1. Homemade brownies (heart shaped with pink and red sprinkles): There is nothing better than the good-old classic brownies. The possibilities are endless to spice up this delectable treat to give that special someone for Valentine’s day. From the different shapes to the color frosting and sprinkles you can decorate them with, there are so many options to choose from. 
  2. Chocolate covered Oreos with sprinkles, or any type of topping: What can be better than receiving Oreos covered in any chocolate of your preference? Absolutely nothing. These creme filled cookies can be customized to suit the liking of everyone.  
  3. Chocolate fondue station: It is a known fact that anything is better dipped in chocolate. For this Valentine’s Day, you can make a fondue station and dunk anything you desire into the chocolate to make the sweetest treat. This can include any snack or item of your choice  from savory to sweet; strawberries are usually a top choice. You can never go wrong! 
  4. Chocolate covered pretzels: Pretzels dipped in chocolate selections that vary from milk chocolate to dark chocolate create the sweet and salty dish that is craved and loved by many. These treats can be decorated with heart shaped sprinkles and other toppings that capture the cupid spirit.  
  5. Chocolate covered Rice Krispies treats: The ooey-gooey marshmallows running through the famous Rice Krispies cereal is the mastermind behind the dessert that many adore. These treats can be transformed into any shape and then dipped into any type of chocolate fit to your liking. After this, feel free to decorate them with sprinkles or other designs!

Store bought chocolate desserts:

  1. Chocolate covered fruit bouquet: These decorative fruit bouquets filled with every type of fruit imaginable are always a popular choice during this time of year. From heart shaped watermelon to pineapple flowers, there is no way of going wrong with this classic. These creative fruit baskets can be purchased online or in-store at Edible Arrangements as well as any local market. 
  2. Chocolate truffles: These tiny bundles of joy always bring a smile to every face. Their rich chocolate and filling options are always a major hit as a gift for Valentine’s Day. These chocolates can be purchased at any candy store or grocery stores near you. 
  3. Chocolate donuts (purchased from Dunkin or Glaze Donuts): Imagine waking up on Valentine’s Day to a fresh cup of coffee and a box of Valentine’s Day chocolate doughnuts, there is nothing better than that! This simple yet delicious treat can be found at any local coffee shop, like Dunkin Donuts or Glaze Donuts, where they can make a box filled with their special Valentine’s Day donuts. 
  4. Chocolates in a heart shaped box: The most absolute iconic selection that filled the sleeves of stores across the world are the key to the hearts of many. With the many varieties of chocolates and boxes available in stores, you can customize these treats to make it extra special. You can pick up one of these boxes at any local chocolate store or market. 
  5. Hershey kisses: Give someone a kiss this Valentine’s Day. This treat can be practically found everywhere and they are greatly enjoyed by all. These bags are filled with the kisses that you can share to all. 


      Regardless if it is purchased at your local corner store or made in your very own kitchen, there are so many ways to give a heartfelt gift this time of year. Different variations of the above treats can be found or made to fit your loved one’s taste. This Valentine’s Day try to step out of the classic chocolate box and give something special and sweet to your friends, families and loved ones. 

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