OPINION: Third presidential debate will be another disaster


Photo by aj_aaaab on Unsplash

The final presidential debate of 2020 will almost assuredly be a disaster.

By Justin Turpan, Contributor

President Trump and former Vice President Biden have been consistent in portraying themselves awfully in their debate performances. Left-wing news stations will inform Americans that Biden has won the debate, and right-wing news stations that Trump has won, when in fact, everyone is losing, including the American people. 

Tonight, Americans across the country will surround the TV and again watch two highly controversial politicians ramble off topic and argue with both each other, and the moderator, lacking both self control and proper debate manners. The result of this is a large pool of American voters who are struggling to decide which candidate to choose, and this pool isn’t getting any smaller. 

Time and time again, people watch as Trump spurs and tweets blatantly incorrect and misleading claims, along with baseless conspiracy theories that tear at his ability to be trustworthy. When confronted with this, he often resorts to lashing out at either the moderator or his opponent, similar to a cornered animal. These actions have been present at both the last debate and at his town hall, and have minimized the time for Americans to learn about the policy of the Republican candidate. While not proven yet, claims of his minimal federal income taxes discovered by the New York Times has also spread across essentially all news stations, and viewers should be expecting to hear the phrase “fake news” in relation to that tonight.

Simultaneously, Biden has encountered issues of his own, while fighting off clips of questionable and borderline racist statements from his past. Throughout past debates and public appearances, he has declined to answer whether he would be interested in packing the courts, a question that voters are surely entitled to know. Many Americans praise and cherish the well known ninc seat structure of our judicial system, while many others would like to pack the courts in with many justices to, in this case, soften the blow of a possible 6-3 supreme court political party split. No matter how he answers this exceedingly important question, he will lose support from some individuals, but nonetheless, the American people deserve to hear his perspective. Allegations of Hunter Biden’s compromised foreign interests in connection to his father are also floating around, and the American people can hope to hear a formal response from Vice President Biden tonight.

In the previous debate Sept. 29 and their dual town hall meetings Oct. 15, both candidates went off topic from the given questions many times, and now voters are looking into both men’s pasts to learn more about them, pulling skeletons out of the closet as they move. The best option that both candidates have in tonight’s debate is to act respectfully and with class, and to answer the moderator’s questions specifically, so the public can actually understand the political interests of both candidates — because honestly, clips of Biden from 1979 and screenshots of conspiracy theories that Trump retweets aren’t doing the American people any favors.