Trump is fulfilling his presidential powers

The actions that President Trump has done are wrong, but the House of Representatives does not have a strong enough case for impeachment. After the release of the transcript of the president’s phone call with Ukraine, it was seen that Trump withheld military funding from them. Many people disagree with these actions because many believe that he was not providing for the national defense, which he is supposed to do. However, in Article II, Section 2, Clause 1, the Constitution states that the president is the Commander in Chief and he has the power to grant Reprieves. Trump denying Ukraine aid is a way he used this power that is granted to him by the Constitution. This action of Trump is very controversial and seen as an abuse of power, but it is not an impeachable offense because he is given this power.

Also, within Article II of the Constitution, it states the presidential powers, and does not state many foreign policy powers besides the power to make treaties and appoint ambassadors, with approval from the Senate. Trump can argue that as president, he is the person who sets US foreign policy, not his subordinates at the State Department. In the situation with Ukraine, Trump and his lawyers can prove that he was given the powers to interfere with Ukraine, even though they are not favorable by many. The impeachment of Trump has many different sides that can be taken, but the House of Representatives does not have a large extent to which they can impeach because of the powers given and implied to the president regarding foreign countries.

By Rachel Quinn

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