15 questions with … the Wire’s new crew!

Get to know the new apprentice editors and contributors (all enrolled in Journalism II) making their names known on the Wire this spring!

Mimi Ali
Roxanne Boychuk
Jamie Lee Cataldi
Jess Coia
Alessia Contuzzi
Isabella DeRose
Rebecca Desiderio
Isabelle Farina
Carly Feuerstein
Stephanie Freda
Remi Goldstein
Paul Gustafson
Catherine Khitiri
Avery Lieberman
Kylie O’Connor
Tali Offir
Gabby Pawlowski
Curran Rastogi
Charley Rich
Angelina Scalici
Molly Simon
Lauren Snerson
Kat Trupia
Ally Uhlendorf

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