Macioci sets goals, creates plans for district

By Gabrielle Kesh, Managing Editor

Damion Macioci, a familiar face at West Essex as last year’s assistant principal, has started his first year as superintendent. He studied at William Paterson University and earned a bachelor of science degree is exercise science. He also earned a master of arts degree with a concentration in teaching and supervision from Montclair State University. He is also a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach and certified personal trainer from the National Council on strength and fitness.

Macioci’s teaching career began in 1999 in the Chatham school district, where he served as a teacher of Health and Physical Education and as an athletic trainer. After leaving West Essex for a brief period of time in 2015 to serve as Assistant Principal at Heritage Middle School in Livingston, he returned to West Essex to serve as the high school Assistant Principal and School Safety Specialist. In 2018, he also worked as an adjunct faculty member at Seton Hall University in the College of Education.

While he just started his new role in June, Macioci has already prepared an in-depth plan to strengthen the relationship between students, teachers and administrators. Part of his plan includes listening to what students have to say to create a close-knit community. Additionally, he is working to define the school’s short term and long term goals. He sat down with the Wire to talk about his hopes and aims for the district in the years to come.


WIRE: How long have you been with West Essex? What’s been your career path you landed you here as superintendent? 

MACIOCI: This is my 21st-year education and my 16th year as a school administrator. I started at West Essex in 2008.


W: How has the school year been? 

M: “The school year has been awesome!  It’s great to see students socializing with peers and engaging in meaningful activities with staff in the buildings and throughout the campus.  The energy and enthusiasm throughout West Essex is amazing!”



W: How are you adjusting to your new location?

M: “This has been a big adjustment however, I enjoy my new location.  I can be in the middle school in 30 seconds and down to the high school in 3 minutes.”


W: What do you miss about being at the high school?

M:  “The day-to-day excitement and interaction with students. Additionally, Mr. [Caesar] Diliberto and Ms. [Juliann] Hoebee, who are close, professional colleagues.”


W: What are your favorite things about being in this district? 

M: “It has been an outstanding experience to work with the West Essex student body.  I have seen so many families come through our district over the years. It’s rewarding to see alumni come back and visit and share their successes.”


W: What do you do on a daily basis? 

 M: “The role of the superintendent is to serve the needs of students and the school community.  The superintendent should carry out the vision of the school district through working collaboratively with the board of education, school district staff, and school community to achieve the district’s goals and objectives. The superintendent should serve as an educational leader to ensure student growth and achievement while supporting teachers, administrators, and school staff.”


W: How do you suggest students go about expressing changes they would like to see at the school? 

M: “They should express concerns to student leaders in the schools or schedule meetings with building administrators.”