Meet the Anti-Traveler

By Sam Spero, Features Editor

There’s people that have traveled across the globe and there’s people that haven’t left their couch. Whether or not they prefer to stay home or they want to travel, here are some students at West Essex that haven’t packed their bags to go far.

Never been out of the U.S.: David Houmis ’22

“I’ve never been out of the country but I used to live in California. I think my family is going to Italy in the summer though.”







Never been on a plane: Angelo Sewall ’19

“I don’t like heights and everywhere me and my family go is driving distance. The furthest we probably ever went was Georgia. I will be on a plane very soon, maybe before college because I want to go away.”





Never left the East Coast: Matt Cusano ’19

“I just never had the chance to leave the East Coast. But I want to leave and I want to go to California or somewhere like Europe for graduation.”







Never been out of North America: Marisa Defranza ’19

“I’ve never been out of North America because my mom won’t leave the country. Every time we go remotely close to out of the country we have a bad experience. But I would love to go to Italy someday and travel abroad. I don’t like to fly far away though I get scared.”





Never been to Florida: Ryan Rusignuolo ’19

“I’ve never been to Florida because of athletics and never had the time to go. Between me and my brother there was never the time. I want to go though and I think I’m going for my brother’s 21st birthday.”